League sponsors candidate forums for state offices


“Your Choice 2018: Kansas Gubernatorial Candidates” aired Friday, October 12, 2018, on KTWU. Watch it here.


“Your Choice 2018: Second Congressional District” aired Monday, October 22, 2018, on KTWU. Watch it here.


LWVK promotes open and active dialogue on issues relating to the right to vote and registering to vote. In the spirit of our mission to help inform citizens about their rights and the issues, here are selected news items in which LWVK was mentioned.

3/9/2018 Topeka League affirms stance (gun control position)

9/8/2017 Idea could make voting easier, but faces Kobach opposition

2/3/2017 Topeka event to look at legislative issues from faith perspective

1/21/2017 Voting rights advocates seek to rein in Kansas election laws

1/14/2017 Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

1/4/2017 Marge Ahrens: S.A.F.E. Act should be repealed

10/21/2016 Kansans Got Wrong Information At DMV Up Until Voter Registration Deadline

10/20/2016 Just-in-Time Victory for Would-Be Kansas Voters
10/17/2016 Johnson County election office changes course, says it will hand out federal registration form

10/14/2016 Editorial: Overcoming more barriers to voter participation

9/29/2016 LWVK intern wins Community Peace, Justice Award
9/21 Judge: Kansas primary voting order also applies to November
9/21, The Kansas State Collegian: Young adults comprise largest group of suspended voters

9/20, Lawrence Journal-World: Voting rights group says 6,570 Kansas registrations purged

9/10/2016, PBS NEWSHOUR: Appeals court blocks proof-of-citizenship voting requirement

9/10/2016, NPR: Court Blocks Proof-Of-Citizenship Requirement For Voters In 3 States

9/9/2016, Wichita Eagle: Federal court blocks Kansas voting rule

8/24 [Hays Daily News] Kansas asks court to exclude November voters over citizenship proof

8/24 [KMUW] Federal Court Considering Kobach Appeal On Kansas DMV Voters

8/23 [AP] PBS Newshour: Court weighs whether Kansas voters must prove their citizenship

8/23 [Rolling Stone] Welcome to the First Presidential Election Since Voting Rights Act Gutted

The Stealth War Against Voters

Few affected by court rulings voted in Kansas primary

Kansas judge rules 17,500 suspended voters can cast ballots in all races

Harvard Journal on Legislation: What’s the Matter with Kansas and the National Voter Registration Form?

Making Sense Of Kansas’ Ever-Changing Voting Laws

Timeline of Kris Kobach’s drive to restrict voting in Kansas

Governing Magazine: New Kansas Voter ID Rules

A Primer On The New Kansas Regulation Limiting Voting Rights