About LWV Kansas

The League of Women Voters of Kansas is a grassroots, volunteer, political organization with nine local Leagues across the state. For nearly 100 years, LWVK has encouraged the informed and active participation of citizens in government and has influenced public policy through education and advocacy. The League never endorses candidates or political parties.

You can make a difference! Now is the time to join a local League of Women Voters and start making a difference in your community. League membership is open to all women and men 16 years of age.

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Think you're registered to vote? 19,450 Kansans are not!

  • Read a letter from LWVK Co-presidents Marge Ahrens and Carole Neal to Kansas legislators about citizens in their districts who attempted and failed to make it onto the voter roll.
  • With few exceptions, Kansans on the suspense list found the documentary proof of citizenship requirement to be too expensive in time, complexity, and money; or were failed by the state data management systems. Kansans 20-30 years old account for 5,214 individuals or 24 percent of the total.
Chances are, you will find names you know on the March suspense list. What does the League do?
  • We educate citizens about issues, legislation and candidates.
  • We encourage individual participation in the political process.
  • We inform through in-depth, objective study.
  • We monitor local, state and national government bodies and activities.http://www.lwvsalina.org/join.html
  • We register voters.
  • We sponsor candidate debates and public issue forums.