The League of Women Voters of Kansas is a grassroots volunteer organization with nine local Leagues across the state. Elected boards consisting of officers and directors govern LWVK and each local League.  The two year terms of state board members are staggered. The LWVK board meets monthly, alternating between conference calls and in-person meetings around the state.

League business meetings, called Councils, convene in even-numbered years. Conventions, more educational and inspirational gatherings, convene in odd-numbered years. Elections take place at both.

Local chapters are members of the state League and state Leagues are members of the national League, The League of Women Voters of the United States.



Current LWVK Board of Directors

Group of three women standing close, holding an award certificate.

At convention, LWVUS Executive Director Wylecia Wiggs Harris (center) presents LWVK Co-presidents Marge Ahrens and Carole Neal with the 2016 Making Democracy Work (R) award.


Co-Presidents:  Marge Ahrens (Topeka-Shawnee County) and Carole Neal (Wichita-Metro) 2015-2017

1st VP (Voter Services):  Lucille King (Lawrence-Douglas County) 2015-2017

2nd VP (Communications):  Melissa Carlson (Johnson County) 2016-2018

Treasurer:  Anita Kaiser (Johnson County) 2016-2018

Secretary:  Betty Wyckoff (MAL) 2015-2017


Jan Marietta (Great Bend):  Development 2015-2017

Ellen Miller (Johnson County):  Membership 2015-2017

Martha Pint (Wichita): State Coordinator of Membership & Leadership Development 2016-2018

Gwen Elliott (Topeka-Shawnee County): School Funding Study Chair 2016-2017

Nominating Committee:

Chair:  Ann Zimmerman (Salina) 2015-2017

Members:  Cathy Hoy (Emporia) and Jurina Watts (Manhattan-Riley) 2015-2017

LWVK Bylaws