You have the Power…will you use it?
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Census and Redistricting: 

Count everyone once, only once, and in the right location.

The U.S. and Kansas constitutions require that Kansas Congressional and legislative districts be based on the population as counted in the most recent decennial United States Census. The first step in ensuring equal representation in those bodies is a complete and accurate count of the population. Census questionnaires will be sent out in mid-March 2020, and you will be counted at your usual residence on April 1, 2020.

Fair representation is dependent upon the Census Bureau obtaining a complete and accurate count of every person living in Kansas. Historically, certain segments of the population have been undercounted: children under 5, college students, racial and ethnic minorities, and transient or homeless individuals.  States and localities whose populations are undercounted will be short changed for representation and federal funding for at least a decade.

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