What is Redistricting?

  • Redistricting in Kansas is the process of creating new districts from which we elect our representatives in Congress, the State Legislature, and local governing bodies (city council, county commission, school board).
  • Districts define the basic fairness of our governing bodies by making sure each person is represented equally (one person, one vote) and that communities with similar interests have a voice in policymaking.
  • Districts are redrawn after each US Census that provides updated population figures.
  • In Kansas, elected officials generally create the district maps. The procedures do not require input from the public.

The League’s position is that the best and fairest districts are based on input from the people who reside in them.


Redistricting Events and Resources


LWVK is Hosting a Map Drawing Contest for Undergraduate Students

Linked here is the requirements for this contest and how to participate! Maps are due Friday, Oct. 22, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. CDT.


Quick Explainer about Gerrymandering (original LWVK video)

Speak Up For Fair Maps (featuring Mary Galligan of the LWV Topeka Shawnee County)

More Redistricting Links and Resources

You have the Power…will you use it?
(click for a printable .pdf of a tri-fold, four-color brochure produced by LWVK.)

Click here for a smaller, printable, four-color .pdf about gerrymandering, produced by LWVK.



Click here to access the People Powered Fair Maps Toolkit.


#KansansDeserveFairMaps Redistricting Panel Discussion. LWVK hosted an event, featuring Rep. Stephanie Clayton, member of the current House Redistricting Committee; and former Sen.Tim Owens, co-chair of the Kansas Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting in 2010. Dr. Michael Smith, professor of political science at Emporia State, moderated. Watch the recording here.

Link to slides from panel.


2021 Week of Action Events

  • Watch the recorded version of LWV of Johnson County’s February 2021 event “Gerrymandering and Fair Representation: What Kansans Need to Know” on their YouTube channel here
  • “Line In The Street” Viewing, hosted by LWV Wichita-Metro League. “Line in the Street” is a film about gerrymandering that features the heroes and villains of Pennsylvania’s struggle for redistricting reform and the landmark 2018 state court decision to redraw all 18 congressional districts. Could Pennsylvania become a model for gerrymander reform? What can regular citizens fed up with rigged election districts do about it? See more details on the Facebook event page. The livestream will pop up promptly at 6:30 p.m. on the LWVWM YouTube page:  bit.ly/LWVyoutube.
  • #KansansDeserveFairMaps Advocacy Day. This is a day to contact your Kansas legislators about fair maps and redistricting. Click here to access the People Powered Fair Maps Toolkit with sample letters to legislators, talking points, contact info, graphics and sample social media posts.
  • LWV Day of Action National Kick Off Pep Rally. Click here to watch the rally!